5 top Banking & Financial Services Video Ads You would love to See!

best Banking & Financial Services Video Ads audiences seen so far used by top companies worldwide in this industry are hard to find, but we prepared a list o our choice in this industry hope you enjoy.


Chase has proven time and time again that they know how to make a clever, action-packed commercial. Although Chase typically features live actors in its TV spots, they recently chose animation to demonstrate how their mobile app works in real time.

Visual content can make your app seem more realistic and accessible to viewers. If you’re advertising a financial service app, be sure to include visuals of the UI and how it impacts users on a day-to-day basis


Animation has many benefits for financial branding. For example, it can keep a viewer’s attention, shown his or her particular needs, and be attractive across all devices

Mastercard’s finance ad above really simplifies the process of making a MasterPass payment. They use simple designs and human interactions. For example, in one scene, a woman empties her last carton of milk only to see that she can order another one directly through her smart fridge

There is no need to use a fancy background in the Animated Explainer Video while showing their app. Emphasizing its value – its touchless payment technology – over flashy visuals is where this video shines.


A diverse cast of characters is essential for a good commercial about banking. Behalf’s video “The One That Likes To Play” caught our eye because they use a variety of different characters to connect with their audience.

One of the trends we observed in Behalf’s video is its representation of various ethnicities. It shows not only many different types of people, but a variety of lines-of-work as well. Inclusivity is not only ethical socially, but it also means you aren’t leaving any parts of your target market out.


our banking video focuses on how shapes can be used to highlight important selling points and to maximize engagement. Naehas, a cloud-based financial services company, beautifully uses shapes throughout its video in order to emphasize different character interactions, change scenes, showcase the UI, and visualize statistics.

Animation can be used in a variety of industries, but it’s especially effective within finance. You can animate shapes to show off your USP and use stats and graphs to back up what you’re selling.

5-PayPal Ubiquity

Although some may not think it, there are a lot of shared experiences between humans with unusual names and PayPal users. For example, many people would say that New York pigeons or American bob have nothing in common with PayPal, but this “nothing” was a huge part of why the Ubiquity videos went viral.

PayPal’s videos have been so successful because they find creative ways to compare totally unrelated things. For example, they created a video that compares the satisfying feeling of getting a paper cut to the struggles of waiting in line at Disneyland. When you put these things together in an interesting way, you end up with captivating content.

The Ubiquity team was careful to design a stellar site that would be captivating and engaging, without being too daunting. This paid off well when they launched their company with a full takeover of Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram.


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