Product explainer

introdution to Product explainer video

Product explainer videos show viewers detailed explanations of the products, their features and why you should buy them. They’re typically about 60-90 seconds long, but the length can vary depending on the product in question. These videos are very short and to the point – no long introductions or boring back stories – just quick, comprehensive presentations that focus on the product and why it’s worth investing in.


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Product explanation video

The classic “how-to” video shows people how to use your products! It will show both the simple, basic features and the more in-depth features that might not be obvious at first glance. If your product has many uses, there’s something specific or difficult about it, or you want to show off some new and special features that might come in handy for other things your product can do, then you should use animation videos. You can use this type of video to not only sell your product but also provide some useful information and insights for viewers as well

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installation/features video

lots of people get confused in installing and using features of a product cause its a very complicated product!! we will show them how to use it so they won’t get confused and make it as pain-free as possible.lets make the customer confident they will get what they are promised

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Product in-use video

This type of video features real people talking about and/or using your product in everyday life. It’s a great tool for building customer trust and brand awareness.

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Story video

a story in some services and products is the core value. we help make visuals  for companies who need stories to connect with their audience

what you need before creating a video ad


We cannot overstate the importance of understanding your marketing goals. More than just having a strong foundation for your business, goals can also help you stay motivated and confident. By focusing on these goals and building them into your story, you’ll be able to make the most out of your animation explainers. On our development process, we always ask for clear objectives and research about what your story is in order to catch all the best moments of your brand.


It’s important to know your target audience and understand what motivates them. Know who they are, where they’re located, what their habits are, and what they need in order to support themselves. A smart marketing strategy is always focused on specific groups of people and explains the benefits of your product or service


If you have a business goal or marketing objectives, it’s time to start creating your marketing plan. You’ll need to learn how to attract your target audience and make them feel something about your business or brand. If they don’t connect with the video at all, you might be missing one of the puzzle pieces you need. What are you going to do with the video? Where could you distribute it? Would these decisions make it more accessible and authentic for potential customers?

Why product explainers are helpful for your business?

It’s helpful to let your customers know what they’re going to get so that they’re not disappointed when they order the product.

Most current consumers shop online because they want to be able to see the product in action. They may have some questions about what it looks and feels like in person, but with an animation video they can get a much better impression.

It’s not the features they can see that make your digital product special. It’s the ones they cannot.

It’s difficult to show your product’s functionality with a single graphic or even a lengthy manual. Most people won’t bother checking it out, which means you have to find other ways to explain the process. Fortunately, we love videos. They’re not only engaging for viewers, but they also offer many benefits like telling a story and giving detailed instructions that would take weeks of text to type up.

Relying on too many technical terms can make your product difficult for others to understand. With infographics, the benefits of your product are simple to understand.

A good video explainer can help your customers understand how your product works, no matter which environment, graphic or character you would like to use. Creativity is limitless, and sometimes understanding something in a fun way creates a more appealing reality.